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Commissioned Pieces

Memorial Urn

I had the privilege of being commissioned to make a special urn for a lady who's father recently passed. This gentleman took a picture of this tree one time while logging because he loved how unique it was. He had his daughter blow the picture up and hang it near his bed in palliative care so he could enjoy it..and his daughter and I agreed that this piece would create the perfect resting place for him....R.I.P.

Original Photo

Hand Railing


This railing was made for a wonderful couple to assist them in enjoying the view of the local wildlife in the marsh behind their home.....even had a blue heron critiquing my work!

World Map



This was a special request from Sandi at Uniglobe Kalamalka Travel, Vernon ....close your eyes...pick a spot...and let them help you make it happen!!

The following two pieces were done for a lovely couple in Parker Cove.



Garden Gate

Frog and Dragonfly

This piece was done for ANOTHER lovely couple in Parker Cove.

"It has been our pleasure to meet you & get to know you. Your warm & friendly character excels in integrity & honesty. You went out of your way to help us out. You take pride in your art work....and now....we take pride in owning a beautiful piece of your labour of love. We both really appreciate your taking the time to help us out & to bring us so much pleasure. Thank you so much."
Chuck & Joyce


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